Volume 28 – Missing Material

IPB Volume 28 cover
  1. Rock N’ Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) – Handsome Boy Modeling School [4:22]
  2. Black Tambourine – Beck [2:47]
  3. Homebass Megamix – UNKLE [5:05]
  4. 7 Minutes and 48 Seconds of Funk – Cut Chemist and Madlib [7:48]
  5. Better Days – Sweatshop Union [3:15]
  6. Dear God – XTC [3:37]
  7. Vitamin C – Can [3:32]
  8. I Believe in Father Christmas – Greg Lake [3:31]
  9. Gabriel’s Message – Sting [2:14]
  10. 7 Steken – Laïs [3:00]
  11. A Combination of Boogie and Woogie – Sergei Kuryokhin [7:19]

Liner Notes:

At least three of these songs are in my collection specifically because I played them as part of a holiday-themed set. I remember the day of the show, but the set list doesn’t survive. “Gabriel’s Message” is my favourite modern recording of a Christmas song, and Greg Lake/XTC just made sense at the time. Sweatshop Union was pulled directly from CKLU’s library on the day of a show, which is not something I did often, but it worked out in this case. Ditto “Black Tambourine,” although I’m a big Beck fan anyway and Guero was the real successor to Odelay, one of my favourite albums from high school. “Vitamin C” is my favourite Can song and was the first thing of theirs I played on the show, I just don’t have any record of it anymore. Sergei Kuryokhin also exists in my library solely to be part of the show. I know that I played at least one other of his songs, but I wasn’t able to fit it onto any of these “Missing Materials” compilations.

The photo for the cover of this volume is the free public telephone that connected directly to Waterloo Taxi in the University of Waterloo’s Student Life Centre when I was an undergraduate.