Volume 27 – Missing Material

IPB Volume 27 cover
  1. Like a Feather – Nikka Costs [3:55]
  2. It’s Your Thing – The Isley Brothers [2:54]
  3. Somebody Stole My Thunder – Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames [3:08]
  4. Take Me Out – Franz Ferdinand [3:57]
  5. The Man with the Blurry Face – Firewater [4:15]
  6. Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son – France Gall [2:32]
  7. Dear Mr. Salesman – Fantastic Plastic Machine [4:15]
  8. Common People – William Shatner [4:41]
  9. Are You Gonna Be My Girl – Jet [3:34]
  10. Keep the Living Bodies Warm – Tangiers [2:35]
  11. Mare of the Night – Magneta Lane [4:53]
  12. Get Free – The Vines [2:07]
  13. Fujiyama Attack – Guitar Wolf [2:37]

Liner Notes:

I’ve loved “Fujiyama Attack” since I was a Matador Records-obsessed teenager, so there was no way that wasn’t making it onto the show. Fantastic Plastic Machine only exists in my collection because of the show, and likewise France Gall (though I became a fan). I know Franz Ferdinand showed up because some guy called me at the station to harangue me for playing a song that was “too mainstream” for inclusion on a CKLU show. Jet and The Vines were two very similar Australian bands who were in heavy rotation on my iPod at the time, and William Shatner’s Has Been was briefly the most popular album amongst station hosts; there was no way I was missing out on that. “Like a Feather” is a mover any day of the week, and I remember thinking the video was hot as hell, and I had put the song back in heavy rotation during my last year in Sudbury. The Isley Brothers and Georgie Fame were also getting put into a lot of my personal playlists in 2005 (I think those songs in particular had gotten some renewed attention because of TV appearances), and most of that stuff eventually made it onto the show. Magneta Lane played at the Townehouse one night, and I have been a huge fan of the band ever since (despite getting blackout drunk that night), and I played them on my show as soon as I was able. I’ve seen them live several times now and they’ve never disappointed.

The photo used for the cover of this volume was taken on the University of Waterloo campus when I was an undergrad; someone had tossed a bike into Strauss Lake, which is only about three feet deep at the best of times, and it was showing just below the surface like a ghost.