Volume 26 – Missing Material

IPB Volume 26 cover
  1. Five Turntables, Four DJs – Invisibl Skratch Piklz [3:51]
  2. My Peaceful Hell – DJ Swamp [3:08]
  3. Invasion of the Octopus People – Invisibl Skratch Piklz [5:02]
  4. You Must Learn All Night Long (SWAMP Remix) – Fantastic Plastic Machine [4:02]
  5. Organ Donor (Golden Remix) – DJ Shadow [5:10]
  6. Cry (Dust Brothers Remix) – Money Mark [4:15]
  7. Pit Stop (Take Me Home) – Lovage [3:59]
  8. Everything Shows – Masha Qrella [3:50]
  9. Green Grass of Tunnel – Múm [4:52]
  10. Superstar – Sonic Youth [4:08]
  11. Mike Tyson’s Punchout 2.0 – easement [3:04]

Liner Notes:

This is the first collection of “missing material,” which is to say songs that I know I played but for which I no longer have any information about when or in what order. I know for sure that the first six tracks were part of the same set, because I put together a special “DJ” set for the annual fundraising drive, and didn’t pay much attention to the artists beyond the musical style. (And once again I didn’t notice until now that there’s cussing in one of the tracks.) “Pit Stop” was part of a set list that a friend played for me while I was out of town; I left her the whole set planned out, complete with liner notes, and that was definitely on it. “Everything Shows” is one of my favourite Masha Qrella songs, and I know for sure that it showed up somewhere. The cover of the Punch-Out theme was done by an online friend of mine and it’s absolutely amazing. I don’t know much about the Icelandic band Múm except that I acquired their music specifically to play on the show.

The photo used for this cover is my blood in the bathroom sink at my mother’s house in Waterloo after I cut my hand quite badly.