Volume 25 – April 17, 2005

IPB Volume 25 cover
  1. Lighting’s Girl – Nancy Sinatra [2:56]
  2. Nenolicht – Kraftwerk [9:01]
  3. Soup – Can [10:33]
  4. Cassandra Gemini – The Mars Volta [31:42]

Liner Notes:

This is the last set list I have any information for. I know it wasn’t my final show, but it was probably my second- or third-last show. I left Sudbury for good at the end of April, 2005. Nancy Sinatra had been experiencing renewed popularity after being featured in Kill Bill Vol. 1 a couple years earlier, and we had a recently-released compilation album floating around the studio. Kraftwerk were one of those bands I always felt like I should have been into but never really was, and I’d finally found a way to wedge them into the show. “Cassandra Gemini” might set the record for longest single track played on CKLU; it was certainly the longest thing I ever played. The Mars Volta is one of Puerto Rican virtuoso Omar Rodríguez-López’s projects, and “Cassandra Gemini” is my personal favourite track of their entire oeuvre, although he’d release some online-only live-on-the-floor demos a few years later with a different band that were nearly as good. Everything about the song is amazing, even the nonsense lyrics, but the drum part stands out. As a (dramatically less skilled) drummer, I can’t imagine how Jon Theodore sustained that performance. It’s just a masterful performance.

The photo for the cover of this volume was taken sometime near the end of my high school years at the Dryden Golf & Curling club, and features my friend Shawn Richter and his band Cola.