Volume 24 – April 3, 2005

IPV Volume 24 cover
  1. Pnoom (Moon Up Mix) – Can [0:58]
  2. Cut the Gain – Mouse on Mars vs. Mark E. Smith [4:53]
  3. Venus As a Boy – Björk [4:43]
  4. Oh Yeah (Sunroof Mix) – Can [8:55]
  5. Koala’s Lament – Lovage [3:53]
  6. Iron Man – The Cardigans [4:20]
  7. Mother Sky – Can [14:32]
  8. Sacred Funeral – Red Elvises [1:02]
  9. Don’t Confess – Tegan & Sara [4:34]

Liner Notes:

I’m not entirely sure why I started this set with “Pnoom”; generally I’d include super short tracks later in the set list, as a kind of “just in case I need to fill some time” measure. I do know that I had recently discovered German experimental rock band Can and had been playing them at every opportunity. This wouldn’t have been the first time they showed up on a set list (“Vitamin C” was the first track of theirs I played), but this is the first one I still have information for. Lovage is another excellent project from Dan the Automator, and this track features the Montreal-based DJ Kid Koala. Red Elvises have always been big fun. I hadn’t heard of Tegan & Sara before moving to Sudbury, but several friends were fans and they became a big part of my life. So Jealous had just come out, but it wasn’t their only album that I was listening to. I’ve always loved the incongruity of The Cardigans covering Black Sabbath.

The photo for this cover is another closeup of the strange, unidentified machine that sat atop a filing cabinet in my high school drafting class.