Volume 29 – Missing Material

IPB Volume 29 cover
  1. Wish (Komm Zu Mir) – Franka Potente/Thomas D [4:09]
  2. Coming – Jimmy Somerville [6:03]
  3. Ready to Go – Republica [5:01]
  4. Apache – Incredible Bongo Band [4:56]
  5. Ganges a Go-Go – DJ Shadow & Dan the Automator [2:02]
  6. Drop – Cornelius [4:54]
  7. Topknot (feat. Bubbley Kaur) – Cornershop [3:40]
  8. Chaiya Chaiya – Dil Se [6:51]
  9. Siberia – Red Elvises [3:32]
  10. Coin-Operated Boy – The Dresden Dolls [4:46]
  11. Natch (feat. Bubbley Kaur) – Cornershop [2:34]

Liner Notes:

This is the last volume of the missing materials. I have a distinct memory of playing “Ready to Go,” “Drop,” and “Apache,” although I have no memory of what else was on the set list with them, and Automator’s Bombay the Hard Way (which only had minimal DJ Shadow involvement, despite him getting top billing in the promo materials) is another thing in my library primarily because of the show. “Coming” is from the soundtrack to the film Orlando, which I was introduced to by an LU professor in either 2003 or 2004. The two Cornershop tracks featuring Bubbley Kaur came to my attention because Nathalie B. used one of them for a station ID spot and I fell in love with Kaur’s voice and pulled the CD single from he station library for my own use (I did put it back). “Siberia” has been stuck in my head since 1999, and “Coin-Operated Boy” took me on a brief, weird left turn in my musical tastes that culminated in me sitting in a downtown-Toronto theatre sometime in 2006 or 2007 watching a grown man stand on stage and light his penis on fire. (Best not to ask.) I remember the Dil Se track, but I don’t remember anything at all about when I played it. I put these three “missing materials” volumes together based on memory, but also based on how they fit together outside their original context. There are still a few loose tracks that I’m sure I played, but not enough to fit together into an additional volume.

The photo used for the cover of this volume is a door in the alley behind King Street in uptown Waterloo, taken when I was an undergraduate there.