Volume 2 – August 15, 2004

IPB Volume 2 cover
  1. Afro Blue – McCoy Tyner [10:01]
  2. Keepin’ It Steel (The Anvil) – Amon Tobin [4:29]
  3. Working for Vacation – Cibo Matto [3:15]
  4. Vision – Noon/DJ Twister [3:27]
  5. Judgment On – Force of Nature [3:03]
  6. Hep Yek – Özlem Tekin [3:23]
  7. Spores – The Alchemysts [2:48]
  8. Armagideon Time – Willie Williams [5:09]
  9. FAX Me – Yoko Kanno [1:27]
  10. Jersey Thursday – Donovan [2:16]
  11. Child in the Tree – The Young Gods [4:39]
  12. Bolero on the Moon Rocks – Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra [2:03]
  13. Radiation Ruling the Nation (Protection) – Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor

Liner Notes:

This was the first show to actually be broadcast. I didn’t want to simply repeat the demo list (for one thing, it was far too long—so was this one, actually), but I did want to feature what I thought were some strong tracks. I’d recently started reviewing books professionally, and one of those books featured characters who were fans of McCoy Tyner’s work, and after looking him up I had become obsessed with “Afro Blue.” The Alchemysts track was from an album I’d reviewed for The Imprint as an undergraduate, and it didn’t seem right for my first show to not include Massive Attack, my favourite band from outside North America.

The photo I used for this cover is of ice clinging to a window after a storm.