Volume 1 – Demo

IPB Volume 1 - Demo
  1. Afro Blue – McCoy Tyner [10:01]
  2. Keepin’ It Steel (The Anvil) – Amon Tobin [4:29]
  3. Bolero on the Moon Rocks – Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra [2:03]
  4. Ceci n’est pas une chanson – Schattenmusik [1:30]
  5. If My Heart Ever Ran Away It Would Be Looking For the Day When Right Beside You It Could Forever Stay – kid606 [4:32]
  6. Vision – Noon/DJ Twister [3:27]
  7. Judgment On – Force of Nature [3:03]
  8. Complex – elektronaut [3:05]
  9. FAX Me – Yoko Kanno [1:27]
  10. Armagideon Time – Willie Williams [5:09]
  11. Anna Mae – Mellophone [4:15]
  12. Fire/Sign – The Gossip [2:32]
  13. You Could Have Been A Lady – April Wine [3:21]
  14. Careful with That Axe, Eugene – Pink Floyd [8:51]

Liner Notes:

This volume is the demo CD I included when I pitched the show to the station. It was intended to provide a reasonably eclectic mix of musical styles (jazz, reggae, hip-hop, classic rock, ambient, acid jazz) and musicians from different countries (Denmark, the United States, England, Jamaica, Germany, Brazil, Canada, and Poland are all represented). It also includes at least one track with a Brit-pop feel (“Anna Mae,” although Mellophone were actually from Denmark) because a friend of mine who was in the know told me that the station manager at the time was crazy about Brit-pop. Mellophone seems to have dropped off the map; if I remember correctly I was a not-very-close acquaintance of a member of the band and had been given a digital copy of their demo CD. To the best of my knowledge they never cut a full album or signed with a label.

The cover for this volume is the only one that actually dates back to the era of the show. I made it in Photoshop for the demo CD I gave to the station manager, diligently printed both it and a back cover, and then carefully cut them out with craft scissors so they would fit in the jewel case. It features a photo of Northern Breweries in Sudbury from either late 2003 or early 2004. The brewery has since closed and as of this writing the building is being turned into condominiums.