Volume 19 – February 6, 2005

IPB Volume 19 cover
  1. The Boxer (feat. Tim Burgess) – The Chemical Brothers [4:08]
  2. Dualahila Ar Tesninam – Tinariwen [3:48]
  3. Cool Kids of Death – Saint Etienne [5:40]
  4. Theme Part 1 – Lonesome Emperor [1:22]
  5. Under the Gun – Supreme Beings of Leisure [3:29]
  6. Battlecry (feat. Shing02) – Nujabes [3:20]
  7. History – HALCALI
  8. Girl Without Hands – Laika [5:00]
  9. Your Eyes Burn – PopiKoK [5:58]
  10. Jinkou Rakuen – Machinicalis [4:19]
  11. Musashino Elegy – Thee Michelle Gun Elephant [4:53]
  12. You Think You Are So Generous, but It’s The Most Conditional “Anything” I’ve Ever Heard – Yuka Honda [5:06]

Liner Notes:

Tinariwen are really the sort of act I had in mind when I first proposed the show. They’re a Tuareg band from Mali’s Sahara region, and while a lot of what they do is reminiscent of 1960s rock ‘n’ roll, it’s also got this completely different feel to it, both from their instrumentation and from their use of vocals and droning patterns. They are really quite something, and this song is my favourite of theirs. I picked up the tracks from Lonesome Emperor and Machinicalis on a compilation album of recent Japanese indie music, although I’m not sure where I got HALCALI’s album from, and “History” is not especially representative of their work. (Additionally, I haven’t linked to the YouTube version of the song because what they’ve uploaded is just a different version of “Oboroge Copy View,” the preceding track on Ongaku no Susume.) Laika is a trip-hop band I quite like, and PopiKoK was a new project from an online friend, although I don’t know that it ever went anywhere. Yuka Honda is one of the founders of Cibo Matto, and her work has always appealed to me with its blend of the avant-garde and the adorable. I also have a perverse desire to play songs with absurdly long titles the same way I have the perverse desire to play absurdly long songs. (The official video for “The Boxer” is a little shorter than the album version of the song, which is why the video I’ve linked to is shorter than my stated track length.)

The photo used for the cover of this volume was taken in the parking lot of Riverside Bait & Tackle, a gas station/convenience store/bait shop where I worked in high school.