Volume 20 – February 13, 2005

IPB Volume 20 cover
  1. Ohne Abstand – Barbara Morgenstern [3:55]
  2. Chatma – Tinariwen [5:36]
  3. Plateau – Nirvana [3:38]
  4. Vladimir’s Blues – Max Richter [1:19]
  5. Such A Color – Shugo Tokumaru [3:54]
  6. Andy Warhol Is Dead But We Still Have Hope – kid606 [1:16]
  7. Som I Fjol – Komedi [4:50]
  8. Tics – Lars Horntveth [5:03]
  9. Iambius Hannabius – The Williams [5:00]
  10. Blaue Fäden – März [6:40]
  11. A Somewhere Place – Vincent Gallo
  12. Light Chair – Shugo Tokumaru [3:13]

Liner Notes:

This set isn’t the first time I repeated a song from an earlier set, but in this instance I actually remember why I did it: my show was going to come up short on time and I didn’t want to have to talk more, so I wedged something short and atmospheric into the show instead. Barbara Morgenstern, März, Shugo Tokumaru, Lars Horntveth, and Tinariwen I’ve played before. Things were not going smoothly in the rest of my life by this time, and I was turning to known quantities in my library to put together a coherent show. It mostly worked, but looking back I regret the repetition and reduced variety. I don’t think anyone needs an introduction to Nirvana, even when they are covering the Meat Puppets, and who are only here to provide a bit of flavour. “Vladimir’s Blues” is from neo-classical composer Max Richter’s album The Blue Notebooks, which is a really astonishing achievement, although it pales next to Infra, which wouldn’t come out for another five years. “Som I Fjol” is from Komeda’s second, Sweden-only release in the mid-’90s, and The Williams is actually one of Dave Clarke’s side projects. I got my copy of that album when he visited the studio for an interview. The Vincent Gallo here is indeed that Vincent Gallo. “A Somewhere Place” is from the score he wrote for Buffalo ’66, and it’s actually not bad for a bit of guitar noodling.

The photo used for this cover was taken when I was an undergraduate from inside the Davis Centre for Computer Research at the University of Waterloo during a heavy snowfall, looking out towards the math building.