Volume 9 – October 3, 2004

IPB Volume 9 cover
  1. Who’d You Think You Are – The Smacks [2:29]
  2. Spine to Your Necklace – Tangiers [3:27]
  3. Do Right, Do Wrong – Breaker! Breaker! [2:58]
  4. The Psychic Fayre – The Alchemysts [3:46]
  5. She’s So Fine – Tokyo Sex Destruction [2:21]
  6. My G.T.O. – Teengenerate [1:59]
  7. Abakereta Sekai – Thee Michelle Gun Elephant [3:45]
  8. Do the Metal – Electric Eel Shock [3:02]
  9. Yesterday Is Gone – Tokyo Sex Destruction [2:27]
  10. The Agfers of Kodack – Wire [3:14]
  11. Get Me Back – Teengenerate [1:49]
  12. It Only Hurts When I Breathe – Cop Shoot Cop [3:39]
  13. Rock ‘n’ Roll Can Rescue the World – Electric Eel Shock [3:02]
  14. She Wants Answers – The Ludes [3:34]
  15. Elevature – The Flashing Lights [3:36]
  16. The Man – The Smacks [5:14]

Liner Notes:

This set came out of a night at the Townehouse, really. An indie band from Ottawa called The Smacks had been playing, along with a band from Elmira called The Ludes. The Ludes were okay, but The Smacks were really fun live (their album was not mixed very well, unfortunately, and never took off). I’d also been pretty seriously obsessed with a couple of albums by a Japanese band called Electric Eel Shock and a Spanish band called Tokyo Sex Destruction. I wanted to put them all together in a set but wasn’t sure how they’d fit. I’d been given some more Japanese punk tracks by an American friend, and Tangiers and The Flashing Lights were both in rotation on a late-night show hosted by Nathalie B., who was the cool girl at the station (she also ran a hair salon downtown and gave a great haircut, and I’m pretty sure she was in a band, but I never saw them play), and the really provided the glue for everything. You could never go wrong adding cuts from Nathalie’s show to your set list. The rest of the show was rounded out with stuff from my collection that I was hoping to get to at some point (Teengenerate!) but hadn’t be able to fit anywhere. I’m pretty sure I got the Breaker! Breaker! track because Richard Stevens knew them and had been spreading the word. Anyway, it turned out to be a really high-energy set that I’m still quite happy with.

The photo for this cover is of my very good friend Basel K. from undergrad, taken in the common room of our dorm at UWaterloo in the fall of ’99.