Volume 22 – February 27, 2005

IPV Volume 22 cover
  1. World Looking In – Morcheeba [4:07]
  2. Erase/Rewind – The Cardigans [3:38]
  3. Trigger Hippie – Morcheeba [5:32]
  4. Five Man Army – Massive Attack [6:04]
  5. Moog Island – Morcheeba [5:22]
  6. Strangers – Portishead [3:58]
  7. Group Four – Massive Attack [8:12]
  8. Undenied – Portishead [4:25]
  9. Black Milk – Massive Attack [6:22]

Liner Notes:

Looking back on it now I’m a little shocked that a set list like this hadn’t happened earlier. I was obsessed with trip-hop for a long time (although I didn’t possess nearly the knowledge or collection when this show aired that I do today), and Mezzanine is probably my all-time favourite album. “Group Four” is definitely the strongest song on that album, actually, though I wouldn’t have said so at the time. It really gives you something new with every listen. The Cardigans only show up on this list to provide a bit of flow; that song really works in that spot. It’s not a set list I’d put together today, but I’ve been listening to it as I write this and it’s still very satisfying. It moves between the two giants of the genre and their more pop-oriented cousin very smoothly. “Trigger Hippie” is the song that first introduced me to trip-hop, and I bought Glory Times (a Canada-only Portishead release that basically just combines two singles from Dummy into an EP) around the same time, and with those two CDS it was off to the races. Things were definitely falling apart for me when this set aired, so it would have felt like climbing into a warm bath for me. Definitely more of a grounding exercise for me than an effort to produce a stellar show for that week.

The photo used for this cover is some kind of contraption that used to sit on the top of a filing cabinet in my high school drafting class. I never did learn what it was, but I got plenty of pictures. (It was likely not even related to drafting; that classroom was kind of a “head office” for the entire tech wing of the school, which also included film production, graphic design, and more traditional shop classes like auto repair and woodworking.)