Volume 16 – November 28, 2004

IPB Volume 16 cover
  1. Pooka – Lars Horntveth [7:18]
  2. I Want You To Know – Masha Qrella [4:33]
  3. The River – März [5:14]
  4. The Waltz – Mellophone [4:03]
  5. In a State – UNKLE
  6. Etot Mir – Alla Pugacheva [3:06]
  7. Sanson Ki Mala Peh Simroon Bhajann – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan [6:24]
  8. Accidentals – Broadcast [3:28]
  9. Contronatura – Stereolab [3:43]
  10. Micro Disneycal World Tour – Cornelius [3:38]

Liner Notes:

The year (ish) that I spent on the air at CKLU wasn’t the best year of my life by any stretch; it was often quite, quite bad. I was living in deep poverty, I had health problems, lived in a really rough part of town, and my long-term relationship was falling apart. A lot of the time I just wanted to come into the radio station on a Sunday afternoon and chill out for an hour and listen to something gentle and soothing. This set list was born from that impulse. Norwegian jazz, German indie-pop, trip-hop, Soviet pop, whatever the hell slot you want to put Cornelius into… all the ingredients are there. (März is the name of one of German artist Ekkehard Ehlers’s projects if you’d like to know more and Google just keeps showing you an American rapper.) This entire set is just a slow, gentle wave designed to wash over you and cool everything down.

The photo for this album cover is a closeup of the vice bolted to my stepfather’s workbench in Dryden, and an old tobacco tin he used to keep scraps of melted lead leftover from making his own fishing sinkers.