Volume 14 – November 7, 2004

IPB Volume 14 cover
  1. Cornered! – binärpilot [4:11]
  2. Leave You Far Behind – Lunatic Calm [3:13]
  3. Shapeshifter – elektronaut [5:36]
  4. Spleen – Noon [4:19]
  5. Desaparecido – Manu Chao [3:47]
  6. Never An Easy Way – Morcheeba [6:42]
  7. Proof – I Am Kloot [2:46]
  8. Sore Feet + Blisters – David & The Citizens [3:09]
  9. Salva Nos – Mediæval Bæbes [2:46]

Liner Notes:

The only reason I can imagine starting this set list with “Cornered!” after ending the last list with it is that I had to fade it out early because I ran out of time or something. This playlist reads as a little batshit to me today, and the logic behind it isn’t clear to me anymore. The first three tracks line up very effectively (Metropol, the Lunatic Calm album “Leave You Far Behind” is from, is an album I played to death in the early ’00s), but the transition between “Shapeshifter” and Noon is weird and abrupt, and the move to Manu Chao even weirder. This feels very much like a house-cleaning set, a show I put together last-minute out of stuff I’d been holding in reserve because I was busy. “Salva Nos” is a great song, but doesn’t really fit with anything else on this set list. I Am Kloot and David & The Citizens really only work with each other, and Morcheeba maybe sort of fits with the Noon track, but otherwise doesn’t belong at all. Bit of a mess, this one.

The photo for this cover is a television in my father’s den in Dryden tuned to static. I had originally taken the photo for use in an art project.